Innovation driven "aluminum" innovation high

In recent days, Jinyun Industrial Park Fine Aluminum Co. Ltd. production workshop, a busy scene, workers are stepping up production of new products of excellent industrial in Zhejiang province in 2014 - "large ship structure for aluminum magnesium alloy, new products in this year's Jinyun county is the only one provincial industry.

"Ship large structure parts with aluminum magnesium alloy" is a fine aluminum of the technology innovation products, export market prospect is broad, the current single orders of sales reached $160 thousand. From 1 to November this year, the company has achieved export volume reached 6 million 600 thousand U.S. dollars, an increase of 38%.

In response to the financial crisis after the weak state of the market, the company has worked with Central South University, Lishui University, continue to invest heavily in research and development of new products, in 2012 and 2013 were invested 6 million 950 thousand yuan and 7 million 630 thousand yuan, effectively improve the product technology content and product added value, has been 16 national patents, products widely used in aerospace, equipment manufacturing, military and civilian products, packaging, electronic power, construction, printing, transportation, oil reserves and other industries.

Jinyun County, as the innovation driven development model of the pilot demonstration, Fine Aluminum Co., Ltd. through technological innovation, market operations and intellectual property rights of the three organic combination and efficient operation of the system of innovative ideas, grasp the new trend of technological development, enhance the ability of enterprises innovation, the company has achieved sustained and rapid development of foreign trade, Jinyun's foreign trade has become a pioneer in the market.

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